I have noticed an increase in the number of people coming to see me who have initially searched online for the solution to their problem, only to be left more confused than ever! It is a frustration shared amongst all properly qualified nutrition experts that quite often the accurate information is over taken by hype and myth.

Search engines are designed to rank by popularity, not accuracy unfortunately making ‘googling’ your diet and health a very unsatisfactory and potentially dangerous past time.

My starting point to so many diet statements is always ‘in what context’?? The classic ‘carbs are bad for you’ mantra is a common one I hear. This is a prime example of context. Carbohydrates is such a broad term used to describe everything from simple sugars through to fancy grains which no one can pronounce. In what proportions, how much, when and what with for example are all things to consider relative to the individual and what they are trying to achieve. One size does not fit all, literally.

Dietitians are uniquely trained to take all factors into consideration and give each individual context. This is certainly something celebrities or those with a book deal cannot claim to do!