Learn the tools for a happier relationship with food and your body, for life.

If you have struggled with your weight for many years, you may feel confused and frustrated? Where do you go from here? Over the many years I’ve worked in the field of weight management, I have seen evidence, time and time again that:

  • It’s not your fault that your weight goes back on after you diet.
  • It’s not because you lack self-control or motivation.

I get it.

You deserve for it not to feel like a daily struggle.

I no longer get my calculator out and work out your energy requirements in order to work out a theoretical calorie deficit. If that really worked long term, I would have the evidence for it, spanning over 20 years of my career. I don’t. If this resonates with you, let’s chat

Is the Anchor Programme for you?

If you have been on countless diets, it is true to say traditional methods to support you to restrict your calories don’t work and we owe it to both your physical health and mental well-being, to approach things differently and to move you away from ‘diet culture’ which is not only unhelpful, but damaging too.

  • You feel stuck; information is conflicting, and perhaps you’ve lost confidence in the food decisions you are making?
  • Do you feel trapped between different diets?
  • Does your relationship with food feel like quite a negative one, and yet thoughts of food, dieting and your body shape fill your head all the time?

If this sounds familiar, The Anchor Programme has been designed with you in mind.

  • Have you been continually dieting to achieve weight loss without success or with weight regain?
  • Is your head full and are you lacking clarity or structure on what to do?
  • Would you like a fresh approach to help you think about food in a completely different way?

How The Anchor Programme can help you

This programme enables you to develop a new relationship with food, so that it no longer feels like the enemy.

It enables you to feel confidence and a renewed sense of self with a different approach and a toolkit of strategies to ‘anchor’ you.

Those that complete it report a peace and structure around food, that gives them improvements in health and well-being that are both physical and emotional.

We shift the focus away from weight loss being the measure by which you either succeed or fail. We don’t have to hope the will power lasts or waste energy on quick fixes that aren’t sustainable. Based on the intuitive eating framework and principles, we combine:

  • Techniques to tune you back into your body, and what it is telling you. Building trust again and fixing the disconnect you no doubt feel.
  • Relevant nutrition information and practical advice, with a focus on what your individual body needs to nourish it, that doesn’t involve restriction or deprivation.
  • Behavioural therapy to support a helpful explore of your thought patterns and concrete beliefs and what might be driving your current habits and behaviours.
  • A holistic look at all the components which influence your health and your relationship with food, for example coping with stress, family, cultural ideals, emotions or simply the daily juggle.

Making it work for you

The Anchor Programme supports you on a one to one basis with flexibility to work around your schedule, and is delivered online. We both get to keep our slippers on, whilst getting to the heart of what’s really going to help you.

The Anchor Programme

Let’s explore for 20 mins free of charge so I can give you an idea of how we could work together and how I can help you. You can ask anything you want and we can ensure we’re the right fit for each other. There’s no obligation to commit and it’s good to talk!

Sessions start with exploring. What are all the factors that relate to your dieting journey, eating habits and your health and well-being so far? Has dieting worked for you long term? Assuming not, let’s understand why, give you clarity and begin to create the toolkit to set you off on a more peaceful and nurturing road.

We continue to explore the progress you are making on your journey towards complete trust in what you’re body is telling you it needs. We delve a bit deeper into your attitudes and beliefs around food, and what is holding you back from creating a peaceful balance between physical health, emotional well-being and inner attunement. How are you and food now fitting together? Let’s continue to build your confidence.

Taking this approach and moving away from weight being the point from which we determine our success or failure, paths the way for a better relationship with food, for life and is a much more helpful, intelligent way of working. Imagine if it didn’t always take up all the space in your head that it does at the moment, how great would that be? You will find that what weight your body is naturally meant to be, will then take care of itself. As bewildering as that sounds, letting go of the control that we think we have over the scale, is extremely empowering. But don’t take my word for it:

“I felt like a hamster on a wheel, completely out of control… since working with Laura I have been given the tools and the ability to change how I think of food and that is priceless”.
– Sally

“The work we have done together has been nothing short of profound”.
– Sarah

Diets so often leave us feeling like they hold all the answers and we trust in ourselves less and less. My purpose is to give you your power back, clarity on how and what to eat, and the mindset to see you through the twists and turns that life will inevitably throw at us.

You’ll be 12 weeks down the line now and hopefully feel like you’ve come a long way on your journey. We’ll bring it all together and give you a sense of what the next steps are for you, as you reflect on the clarity, confidence and control you’ve now achieved, on your own terms.

Take a look at what others have to say for more of a feel.

The Anchor Programme runs over 3 months and is tailored to you. The first appointment is 1.5 hours long and your free discovery call is 20 minutes. Follow up sessions are an hour, every 2 weeks. Your final session will be 30-45 mins, at the end of the 12 weeks.

We communicate between appointments, as and when you need, with a tailored digital tool/ visual board and email access.

Book Your Discovery Call


  • Get to the heart of what’s really getting in your way from creating the helpful, peaceful relationship with food and your body that you crave.
  • Be comfortable at home, wear what you like, and have flexibility around other commitments.
  • Take advantage of digital tools for personalised support between sessions, to build your own toolkit of strategies to see you through, for life.
  • Kiss goodbye to dieting and slimming clubs for good.
  • 12 weeks of coaching, advice and support truly tailored to you.

What Others Have To Say


“I was struggling with a long-term health condition, and its associated treatment. I felt exhausted and suffered a lot of pain. I was no longer the person I thought I was and found it hard to come to terms with life as it currently presented itself. I felt lost and miserable.”


“I’m a different person. I feel stronger, calmer and comfortable with my diet. I understand my body better. You’ve really steadied me; I feel better about myself, and more in control of my emotions. I’m kinder to myself, and consequently feel more valued.”


“I didn’t feel confident or trust my own choices with food. I was in a constant battle between binge-eating and then punishing myself and forcing myself to go without food. I felt stuck in a cycle where I thought the only way to deal with my food habits was to diet.”


“I have become more confident. I have more energy, less stress and a greater sense of well-being. I’ve learnt how to make the right choices about what I put into my body, and not because I’ve been dictated to, but because I have more of an understanding of how it fuels and helps my body perform to the best of its ability and that feels great!”


“I felt like a hamster on a wheel, completely out of control.”


“I have been given the tools and the ability to change how I think of food and that is priceless.”

Supporting you long-term to feel confident, clear and successful

6 sessions will bring you a long way on your journey but we’re human and ever evolving. After your anchor programme, you have the option of more follow up sessions, available to you whenever you need them for accountability and support.

The Anchor Programme Affiliates

Meal Planning and Kitchen Expertise

Sarah Alder, the founder of Kitchen Titbits, is a meal planning and family mealtimes expert. Her passion is to help others transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free, saving them money on their food bills, reducing their food waste and saving time and energy in the kitchen – who doesn’t want a bit of that!

She also supports parents with their fussy eaters, helping them build a positive relationship with food, increasing the number and variety of foods they’ll eat.

As an affiliate to the Anchor Programme, Sarah offers a 90 minute Kitchen Buddy session. In this session you will discover:

  • An introduction to meal planning
  • How to get organised and find efficiencies
  • Stocking up to make meal planning and preparation quicker and easier
  • Making the most of the food you buy
  • A kitchen assessment to help new habits become routine.
  • Taking the stress away from family mealtimes

Take it from me, she’s awesome!

Movement and Fitness Specialists

Exercise and diets are frequently clubbed together and just like our food relationships, the pressure and judgment we place on ourselves when trying an exercise regime can leave us feeling frustrated and prone to negative thoughts. For clients taking the journey through The Anchor Programme, it can be valuable to explore this and re-frame what movement, activity or exercise mean for their body and well-being.

For this, I welcome Lesley Waldron.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Connecting mind and body is an integral part of the work I do with my clients. So often, dieting disconnects the two, eroding both trust and signals. Tuning into how our brain functions in different states and tapping into the benefits of this for improved physical and mental health is hugely beneficial. Evidence shows slowing down the brain waves through mindfulness and meditation, helps to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as providing an opportunity to reboot our deliberate system; the conscious part of our brain responsible for rationale decision making.

It’s got to feel accessible though – with not many of us having access to the Lotus position or rocks to perch on over looking the sea. The Soul Spa brings together a range of classes, guided meditations and resources which my clients can access at a discounted rate of just £5/ month. For greater insight into how meditation can compliment and benefit our work together, take a look at this short video. Let me know if you’d like a referral code and you can find out more below.

Personal Styling

Emmeline Stevens is more than a Personal Stylist. She has a unique ability to explore the meaning of our clothes and the power they hold to reshape our thoughts around body confidence and body image. She is a wonderful asset to the Anchor Programme, enabling those she works with to see their wardrobe with fresh eyes and a fresh approach filled with self-love and confidence.

Emmeline is also the founder of The Image Consulting Company – a consultancy which trains other stylists to do their thing, so she’s proper top drawer 🙂 Only the best for my Anchor clients. Emmeline tailors her sessions to the individual and will have a good chat with you first to find out what you’d benefit from.