Workplace Wellbeing

Are you looking at your employee well-being strategies, and reshaping these following recent events? Nutrition forms a key strand of employee physical and mental health, supporting you to build a healthy and resilient workforce that are engaged and productive, particularly with new work arrangements.

I offer three options to complement your needs and pride myself in taking it beyond simply ‘healthy eating in the workplace’. We explore the science of nutrition, the psychology of our habits and what truly impacts on our relationships with food, to inspire and empower real change amongst your teams.

I am based in the Southwest but deliver workplace wellness seminars and workshops across the UK with the option for virtual or face to face delivery.

A healthy, balanced and engaged workforce can be one of the single most valuable assets a business can have.

Let’s take this beyond simply healthy eating at work…

Companies helped:

Inspire with Group Nutrition Seminars

Spark discussion, motivate and inspire your workforce to think differently about their nutrition and health to enhance their productivity.

We are making over 200 food related decisions a day, 95% of which are subconscious. In a fast -paced work environment what and how we choose to eat is often not the priority and yet it has the potential to have a profound effect on our working day and overall wellbeing.

Including the popular eating personality quiz, these talks offers greater insight and a different perspective on our eating habits together with practical advice and nutrition tips to energise and direct employees towards making changes that positively impact their working day.

Usual talk length: 1hr

Feedback from attendees:

“Laura came to present to my company as part of our ‘Wellness Wednesday’ initiative. She was absolutely brilliant! I have a huge interest in the role of nutrition for both Mental and Physical health, so have attended a lot of talks; Laura was by far the most engaging, educational and enjoyable, with content and tips that apply to ‘real’ life.

Laura is a natural, personable presenter who read the room perfectly and got the tone exactly right. She knows her subject inside out and answered the many questions with great knowledge and insight. We all left the session informed and confident about how to make small, realistic changes to lead to greater mental and physical health. I cannot recommend her services enough”.

Claudine Clark. Wellness Ambassador, Snap Inc (Snapchat)

“In a world where you are constantly bombarded with information and plagued by an uneasy feeling of not knowing which information can be trusted, sometimes it’s very reassuring to speak with a human being who has done all the hard work for you. Please thank Laura for her funny informative talk!”

– Perpetually Hangry Hannah,
Heatherwick Studio

Get practical with tailored Group Nutrition Workshops

A workshop allows for a more in depth look at the emotive subject of nutrition. With time to put nutritional science in the spot light and explore some facts and fiction around elements of nutrition that directly relate to our well-being, performance and mental resilience in the workplace.

A bespoke feel really adds value; tailored to your business and its particular challenges together with local information on top food choices and eateries. Incorporating the eating Personalities quiz the workshop gives greater insight and perspective into our daily habits and creates a true path for realistic diet and lifestyle change that can benefit the employer and their organisation greatly.

Usual length: 1.5 – 2hrs

Feedback from attendees:

“I thought Laura was fab! I really liked the way that she confronted the confusing landscape of food messages that we live in, consciously providing her expertise in a way that didn’t add more myths or messages into the mix. She clearly went to great lengths to find content that was relevant to our consultant lifestyles, and I found her light-hearted and relatable tone very engaging and amusing. As a very health conscious and sensible eater already, I still learnt a lot and came away with tips and confidence about how to be even better”.

Consultant, Nine Feet Tall

“Laura provided two interactive and informative specialist nutrition advice workshops at our UK HQ in Kings Cross. We had over 80 people attend across three sessions on the day and the feedback we received, from all colleagues including senior management was very positive and appreciative in engaging with staff.

Laura also took a step further by customising the presentation to be more focused to our line of business, considered the food choices in and around our location, the environment in which we operate and the challenges we have in order to help us get maximum energy to get through the working day. Senior management particularly enjoyed the tailored company slogans to provide a clever play on health eating!.

– Aman Sadra,
Arcadis UK

Menopause in the workplace

Research tells us that menopause can have a significant impact on attendance and performance in the workplace and is something which most likely, half your workforce is guaranteed to experience at some stage. Its affects are far reaching, impacting not just women in a broader sense.

It’s not talked about widely enough, nor are the potential benefits of exploring the role of diet and nutrition in the picture in supporting women through this stage of life. Symptoms are wide and varying and nutrition has the potential to link to all of them.

My sessions involve exploring how foods and nutrition can support the hormonal changes and symptoms of the menopause, for example hot flushes, changes to body weight and increased risks to bone and cardiovascular health.

I also like to have the opportunity to go deeper than this, to look at the emotional and mental wellbeing side of menopause. For example, providing support and advice as we explore how we feel about our changing body image, how we navigate and decide how to nourish ourselves, especially when faced with idealistic diet culture and how we truly define what it means to be healthy as we age.

Investing in tailored education and support for women preparing for and going through the menopause is essential. It helps your workforce to become more self- empowered and confident, with clarity on how best to support their wellbeing for a healthy productive working day and beyond.

Topics covered in talks and workshops include:

  • What nutrients matter for mental and physical resilience and how should we eat them?
  • The ‘snackification’ trend and using it to your advantage. Exploring on-the-go eating and top choices to fuel productivity.
  • Hydration – what, when, how?
  • Our eating personalities – yes there is such a thing! With tips and ideas tailored to them.
  • The science behind food influencers and how food can help – mood, stress and immunity
  • Nutrition and Sleep
  • Making habits stick – exploring the challenges and sharing techniques proven to help.
  • Q & A

How personalised dietitian consultations can benefit your business

“In my consultation with Laura she explored drivers for my eating behaviour that have been the same for over 30 years, which I assumed couldn’t be broken. It’s really helped me make some changes which are benefiting all areas of my life, especially work.”

For specific dietary needs related to health conditions personalised advice is important and really valued by the people I see. Dietitians’ are the only nutrition professionals trained to do this.

Give employees the opportunity to tap into dietetic expertise within the workplace through mini consultations. Significant numbers of employees live with conditions, whose symptoms impact their working day and making time to attend appointments is often a barrier.

In an age of convenience, path the way for change with evidence based dietary advice delivered to the desk in a friendly and informative manner. This can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health and pave the way for longer term changes which can be of benefit to both the business and its employees.

I provide an easy online booking platform for appointment and to collect confidential information from each person. Appointments can be delivered remotely or on site as part of your wellbeing day or initiative.

Usual length: Bespoke packages can be created to suit your teams and their working day to include a combination of talks and one to one sessions. Contact Laura to discuss your individual needs.

Feedback on bespoke packages:

“Laura, of Laura Clark Nutrition, was absolutely fantastic when she came into our workplace. We had a full day, with 2 presentations and a number of 1-1 meetings with the team to advise on healthy eating, and specific questions relating to individuals’ eating patterns.

Laura pitched her presentation perfectly – as it was informative, interesting and most importantly kept things real! We all learnt something from the day – and were requested to have a realistic objective moving forward. I would recommend Laura coming in to anyone’s workplace to advise the team on nutrition – it was a good bonding experience for the team, and clear that small changes can make a big difference! Thank you, Laura.”

– Henrietta Hillman
HR Manager – Blackout Ltd

How Can I Help?

I am collaborating with Bath Mind to offer Nutrition Seminars with a special focus on the role of Nutrition within Mental Health and Wellbeing and Stress Management.