Online Individual Consultations Overview

A consultation with me is truly bespoke as I tailor my nutrition expertise to your personal circumstances. I work holistically, taking into consideration your symptoms and medical history, lifestyle and routines together with food habits and choices and all that influences them. When appropriate we explore the influence of our thoughts and beliefs on the food decisions we make and the habits that make up our day.

Together we decide on what you want to change, the scientific rationale behind the scenes and ultimately how to make happen in a way that empowers you to continue successfully beyond the consultation, back in the real world.

Typical clients include:

  • Those with chronic dieting syndrome, or those looking for a long term way to manage their weight because they’re tired of yet another diet. I designed The Anchor Programme for this so if this is resonating, see below.
  • Women with PCOS (who may also be trapped in a dieting cycle).
  • Individuals with gut health complaints, which may be accompanied with a diagnosis of functional IBS.
  • Women’s health through the life cycle, for example managing the menopause.
  • Those juggling the dietary needs of different family members, in need of a helping hand, to help it all make sense and feel doable.

However, I’ve seen over 10,000 patients/ clients in the 20 years I’ve been working and have a broad range of expertise. Please get in touch and let me know how you’d like me to help and we’ll take it from there.

Consultations start from £110.

Online Packages and Programmes

For a better relationship with food, for life.

The Anchor Programme

If you have struggled with your weight for many years, you may feel confused and frustrated as to which way to go from here? I’ve worked in the field of weight management for nearly 20 years and in this time, our understanding of this complex condition has completely revolutionised.

It’s not your fault that your weight goes back on after you diet. It’s not because you lack self-control or motivation. And you deserve to it not to feel like a daily struggle.

If you have been on countless diets, it is true to say traditional methods to support you to restrict your calories don’t work and we owe it to both your physical health and mental well-being, to approach things differently and to move you away from ‘diet culture’ which is not only unhelpful, but damaging too.

You may feel stuck; information is conflicting, and perhaps you’ve lost confidence in the food decisions you are making. You may feel trapped between different diets and that your relationship with food is quite a negative one, and yet thoughts of food and dieting fill your head all the time?

Is the Anchor Programme for you?

  • Have you been continually dieting to achieve weight loss without success or with weight regain?
  • Is your head full and are you lacking clarity or structure on what to do?
  • Would you like a fresh approach to help you think about food in a completely different way?

Why the ‘Anchor’?

This programme enables you to develop a new relationship with food, so that it no longer feels like the enemy. It enables you to feel confidence and a renewed sense of self with a different approach and a new set of principles to ‘anchor’ you. Peace and structure around food, that is both psychologically and physically more helpful for you. We shift the focus away from weight loss being the measure by which you either succeed or fail. It does not encourage reliance on willpower and is not a quick fix. We move you away from yo-yo dieting by combining:

  • Techniques to tune you back into your body, and what it is telling you. Building trust again and fixing the disconnect you probably feel.
  • Relevant nutrition information and practical advice, with a focus what your individual body needs to nourish it that doesn’t involve restriction or deprivation.
  • Behavioural therapy to support a helpful explore of your thought patterns and concrete beliefs.
  • Habit science tips – because whether we like it or not, we don’t think as much as we think we do 🙂

Making it work for you

The Anchor Programme supports you on a one to one basis with flexibility to work around your schedule, and is delivered online.

Laura is an exceptional dietitian and valued colleague. Her clinical expertise and practical and down to earth attitude consistently enables her clients to make long term health behaviour changes that they can maintain for life.

– Professor Tanya Byron, Clinical Psychologist and Media Personality

The Anchor Programme – Starter Package

The Discovery Call

Let’s explore for 20 mins free of charge so I can give you an idea of how we could work together and how I can help you. You can ask anything you want and we can ensure we’re the right fit for each other.

Session 1: The Road Map

Sessions start with exploring. What are all the factors that relate to your eating habits and your health and well-being? Often there’s conflict between the practical challenges and the thoughts going around in our heads – where should you start, what is going to make the biggest impact. Let’s explore and begin the journey.

Session 2: Food, Head and Habits Part 1

We explore your own unique circumstances, journey so far and the factors that have influenced your weight and thoughts about food. We consider the interplay between your food choices and your attitude and beliefs around food.

We work together on normalising eating behaviours by addressing the root cause of these food habits. Our aim is to explore a deeper understanding of how you and food fit together and then build your confidence in your nutritional needs, hunger, fullness, appetite and pleasure in food.

Taking this approach and moving away from weight being the point from which we determine our success or failure, paths the way for a better relationship with food, for life. Imagine if it didn’t always take up all the space in your head that it does at the moment, how great would that be? You will find that what weight your body is naturally meant to be, will then take care of itself.

A current client of mine had this to say,

“I love Laura’s genuine, no nonsense, friendly approach to helping people. She is really helping me on my journey to feel happier and healthier around food”.

Session 3: Food, Head and Habits Part 2

Well, you may have needed a tissue or two for session 2 (and to be honest, so might I), as the connections between the thoughts in your head, your habits and your food choices start to make more sense than they have done before. Session 3 allows us the opportunity to reflect on where you’ve got to so far, and continue to work on building your confidence and healing your relationship with food.

Take a look at what others have to say for more of a feel.

Time Commitment

The Anchor Programme runs over 3 months and is tailored to you. The first appointment is 1.5 hours long and your free discovery call is 20 minutes. Follow up sessions are an hour. We communicate between appointments with tailored digital tools.

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  • Join your bespoke journey towards a healthier relationship with food that is flexible around your other commitments.
  • Be comfortable at home, wear what you like, no pressure to brush your hair!
  • Personalised digital tools for support and tailoring between sessions

What Others Have To Say

Laura has helped me break the conditioning done by a life of yoyo dieting and trying to control my PCOS symptoms myself. I now understand how food fuels my body and the effects on my insulin. Laura is very approachable, knows her stuff and is non- judgemental. I recommend Laura to anyone who wants a plan to live by for life.

Through her gentle questioning and probing, Laura very effectively challenged me on my eating habits and helped me to re-frame my views on nutrition and weight management. She gave very useful and practical tips on how to make changes that worked for me and fitted into my family life. Laura’s support outside the sessions was a great help and kept me on track.

My attitude towards food has significantly changed, I’m able to make healthier food choices and my natural response to resort to food when I’m stressed is also more under control

Before meeting Laura, I was making bad choices with food. I was a serial dieter – and I was really bad at it. Laura really changed my outlook on every aspect of nutrition.

Working with Laura has been a pleasure. Not only has she given me the practical tools to help me with my weight loss, but she has also helped me tackle the emotional attachment that I have felt towards food all my life. She takes a bespoke approach to her clients and is willing to tailor each session to my needs. I cannot thank her enough!

During a wide-ranging discussion about issues of weight control Laura put forward a simple eating plan based on proven scientific research that has completely revolutionised my life.

The Anchor Programme – Intensive Package

We don’t have to say goodbye after 3 sessions! Additional sessions for ongoing support, problem solving and solutions are always an option.

The Anchor Programme Affiliates

Meal Planning and Kitchen Expertise

Sarah Alder, the founder of Kitchen Titbits, is a meal planning and family mealtimes expert. Her passion is to help others transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free, saving them money on their food bills, reducing their food waste and saving time and energy in the kitchen – who doesn’t want a bit of that!

She also supports parents with their fussy eaters, helping them build a positive relationship with food, increasing the number and variety of foods they’ll eat.

As an affiliate to the Anchor Programme, Sarah offers a 90 minute Kitchen Buddy session. In this session you will discover:

  • An introduction to meal planning
  • How to get organised and find efficiencies
  • Stocking up to make meal planning and preparation quicker and easier
  • Making the most of the food you buy
  • A kitchen assessment to help new habits become routine.
  • Taking the stress away from family mealtimes

Take it from me, she’s awesome!

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Movement and Fitness Specialists

Exercise and diets are frequently clubbed together and just like our food relationships, the pressure and judgment we place on ourselves when trying an exercise regime can leave us feeling frustrated and prone to negative thoughts. For clients taking the journey through The Anchor Programme, it can be valuable to explore this and re-frame what movement, activity or exercise mean for their body and well-being.

For this, I welcome Intuitive Eating advocates Emma and Steven as two of my Anchor Programme Affiliates. Emma is a yoga & pilates instructor and Steven is a personal trainer and weightlifting coach. Their unique combined expertise has helped my clients redefine how movement and fitness can work for them. Their approach is fresh, inspired and compassionate, empowering those they work with to literally feel the difference and reshape their attitude to movement and fitness for life. After a free discovery call, they will discuss the perfect fit for your needs.

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Connecting mind and body is an integral part of the work I do with my clients. So often, dieting disconnects the two, eroding both trust and signals. Tuning into how our brain functions in different states and tapping into the benefits of this for improved physical and mental health is hugely beneficial. Evidence shows slowing down the brain waves through mindfulness and meditation, helps to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as providing an opportunity to reboot our deliberate system; the conscious part of our brain responsible for rationale decision making.

It’s got to feel accessible though – with not many of us having access to the Lotus position or rocks to perch on over looking the sea. The Soul Spa brings together a range of classes, guided meditations and resources which my clients can access at a discounted rate of just £5/ month. For greater insight into how meditation can compliment and benefit our work together, take a look at this short video. Let me know if you’d like a referral code and you can find out more below.

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Personal Styling

Emmeline Stevens is more than a Personal Stylist. She has a unique ability to explore the meaning of our clothes and the power they hold to reshape our thoughts around body confidence and body image. She is a wonderful asset to the Anchor Programme, enabling those she works with to see their wardrobe with fresh eyes and a fresh approach filled with self-love and confidence.

Emmeline is also the founder of The Image Consulting Company – a consultancy which trains other stylists to do their thing, so she’s proper top drawer 🙂 Only the best for my Anchor clients. Emmeline tailors her sessions to the individual and will have a good chat with you first to find out what you’d benefit from.

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