Online Nutrition Consultations

It’s all about you!

Grounded in science but holistic and tailored to your personal circumstances. My online nutrition consultations are entirely collaborative.

Together, we take into consideration your symptoms and medical history, lifestyle and routines, challenges, dietary needs, thoughts and beliefs, food habits and choices and all that influences them.

We decide on the best way forward that has your needs at its heart. Most importantly, how you can make the changes you want happen in a way that empowers you to continue successfully beyond the consultation, back in the real world.


“Laura is the therapy for the whole mind, body and soul that I never knew I needed”.

– Sarah – client.

Who can benefit from a consultation with an online dietitian?

  • Those with chronic dieting syndrome, or those looking for a long term way to manage their weight because they’re tired of yet another diet. I designed The Anchor Programme for this so if this is resonating, see below.
  • Women with PCOS (who may also be trapped in a dieting cycle).
  • Individuals with gut health complaints, which may be accompanied with a diagnosis of functional IBS.
  • Women’s health, especially for women over 40, approaching, going through or on the other side of the menopause.
  • Those juggling the dietary needs of different family members, or multiple health conditions where the advice all seems contradictory!

As a Registered UK Dietitian with over 20 years experience, I’ve seen over 10,000 clients and have a broad range of expertise.

Please Contact Me and let me know how you’d like me to help and we’ll take it from there.

Consultations start from £110 for an hour for an online video call.

If you’re looking for clarity, education and inspiration for your diet, health, mindset and habits, but not in the form of 1-1 support, then see what’s coming up in the way of masterclasses and workshops. I often do these in collaboration with other professionals, so you get two lots of expertise for the price of one!