Nutrition for Menopause

How nutrition can support your menopausal health and journey

Experiencing symptoms associated with changing hormone levels, can feel overwhelming and unpredictable.

Support with your diet and nutrition creates solid foundations, to underpin the advice and treatment you receive from your medical specialist and contributes to all aspects of your health and well-being.

What we eat and how we integrate nourishment into our day is influenced by many things – whether that be day to day practicalities or deeper-rooted beliefs that link to our daily habits.

Eating in a way that truly supports you may not come easy; you may be suffering with symptoms that make it more difficult for you to eat in a way that feels healthy for your body.

Perhaps you’re juggling many competing priorities on your time or feel confused about the many mixed messages out there in the world of nutrition?

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A menopause nutrition support session gives you the opportunity to take a pause with me and look at things in a constructive yet nurturing way.

I work with women who want to build trust in the foundations of what a supportive diet for menopause looks like. For all the menopause work I do, please visit The Menopause Dietitian

Each of us comes to the table with a unique story, influenced by many things.

For example, our perception of our weight in relation to our health, our view of our own body size and shape, or beliefs that have been formed over the years as we’ve tried and tested different ways of eating.

A session will give you space to:

  • Explore the role that diet can play in protecting and supporting you with the symptoms and side effects of fluctuating hormone levels, as it relates to you.

  • Redefine your food relationship to complement and enhance this stage of your life.
  • Take the opportunity to sort through some old ‘diet baggage’, that is no longer serving you well.*
  • Get super practical about how to bring some changes to life in amongst the busy.

* If this point in particular has struck a chord, you may like to find out more about my Anchor Programme.

How would you like to work together?

If you would like to work together 1-1, you can book straight into clinic using the button below for a 75 min session (£130).

Alternatively, book a free call with me to discuss a tailored package of sessions for some longer term, more in depth support.

For all things menopause, visit The Menopause Dietitian.

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I collaborate with a number of other Health Care Professionals in the field of menopause and women’s health.

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Our next joint workshop – Food, fitness and flaws – a whole body health workshop for pre and perimenopausal women is on the 6th and 13th May. All the details here.