Dishing the Dirt on Diets

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The Eat it Real Group Course

A 6-week course for frustrated dieters who are ready for a more fulfilling life where food is not the enemy and there are no side orders of guilt or shame.

Imagine what life would be like if you weren’t constantly thinking about your weight. If you didn’t feel guilty about your food choices, and second guess your every food decision.

This is for you if:

  • You have reached diet rock bottom – they’re not working for you and you feel like a hamster on a wheel.
  • Thoughts of food take over your head all the time, from the minute you get up, to the minute you go to sleep.
  • You’ve lost all trust in your body and what it’s telling you.
  • You are confused about what to eat – everything contradicts everything else – aaaargh!
  • You want to get on with life and you’re fed up that the battle with your weight is holding you back.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or a structured meal plan to pin on the fridge*.
  • You want to achieve a certain amount of weight loss, by a certain time.
  • You are not open to exploring your food relationship, in real life; the life that’s messy and imperfect – and contains less kale smoothies and cabbage soups.
  • You don’t want to get inside your head and have a good poke around.
  • You want a January health kick (because this doesn’t start till the Spring and is for life, not just New Year).

*Meal plans are so appealing, aren’t they? If someone could just tell me what to eat, without me having to think about it, then it would be so much easier. Trust me, they don’t work. At some point they end. At some point they cease to serve the purpose for which they were intended. Because we’re a bit more complex than that, life has many twists and turns, and we need to learn how to navigate that with courage and tools to help.

How is it delivered?

Can we remember a life before zoom? I’m not sure I can, but I think for our small group, it will be perfect and allow us to come together on a weekly basis whilst keeping our slippers on if desired! We’ll meet for 5 one-hour long sessions, but you’ll get my full support and bonuses for the full 6 weeks.

Within the group we will be exploring new concepts and ways of looking at things. Each person will have their own journey and story that has brought them into the virtual room and together we will delve into:

Week 1 – Ruling out the food rules

Diets come in many disguises – some diets even have their own language! How has diet culture treated you?

Week 2 – Handling the hunger games

Ignore it, and if you really can’t nibble on a carrot. What terrible advice. Let’s look at the art of tuning into your body and working out what it’s telling you it needs.

Week 3 – Homework week

Time to complete your workbooks and access bonus resources

Week 4 – Busting food myths and getting clarity

Nutrition science is complex, so let’s drill down to what you need to know for your body and your health (and your sanity amongst all the contradiction)

Week 5 – Building the self-care scaffolding

Redefining how food fits into your framework of selfcare.

A joint session with the fantastically wise Elsie Owen, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor aka @the_peoplepleasing_therapist.

Week 6 – Moving on in body and mind

Bringing it together and moving you onwards with a life free from dieting and no side orders of guilt or shame.


What others have said

‘Your approach and guidance are like a breath of fresh air. I am grateful for such clarity and the tools to take away food as the enemy’.

Linda, recovering chronic dieter, aged 48


For 8 weeks, you will gain access to The Eat it Real Academy – a private account within Instagram to connect with me and each other:

  • Find inspiration and an opportunity for reflection and discussion as you work through the concepts from our sessions.
  • Live talks from me and special guests from the worlds of nutrition, fitness, health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Access to the weekly clinic hour through direct messaging with me for individual tips and feedback.
  • Resources to support you on your journey towards a better food relationship for life.

Want to join us?

Sessions will run on a Friday at 10am starting in March.

 The Investment

Early Bird Offer: £250 (Usual Price £297)

Yes please, I’m in

“You’ve helped me get over that steep mountain and I can tell you what lays ahead is truly awesome. She has given me the tools and the ability to change how I think about food and that is priceless”

Sally, ex- dieter and food over thinkerer

Frequently Asked Questions

I still want to lose weight, is this programme for me?

I am not anti-weight loss, and neither is this course. What we are doing is removing weight loss as the primary goal of the intervention. In so doing, we free up so much more potential to explore things at a more intuitive and helpful level, to truly improve your relationship with food and give context to how that fits into the rest of life.

This enables us to consider wellbeing and health from manyf angles, rather than placing so much significance on a drop in weight defining our success. When we place emphasis on weight as a validator of our achievements, we give it more kudos and power than it deserves, or that even the science suggests it holds. Research shows that those who can move away from using weight as a measure of progress in this way and build skills in intuitive eating, have been found to have:

  • Less food-related anxiety
  • Less body dissatisfaction
  • Less disordered eating including binge eating and uncontrolled eating
  • Greater self-compassion, self-esteem and optimism
  • Enhanced satisfaction with life

So, what will happen to my weight?

Repeated dieting, or restriction of calories often has the opposite effect to the one we are trying to achieve. Stepping off the diet train is so helpful for the body. Typically, my clients report feeling more comfortable and at peace in their body with increased body confidence. When back in tune with their body’s needs, for some this does result in weight loss, but ironically it is the outcome they shout about least.

What can I expect to achieve at the end of the 6 weeks?

Each person will travel on their own journey and at their own pace. There is no tick box to complete at the end, but what I aim to do is open the door (and give you a decent push through it) towards a life free from dieting, to one that puts you back in the driving seat:

  • To gain skills that give you the power to not see food as the enemy.
  • To grab life with both hands, now that you don’t have to think about which diet regime you should try next…
  • To feel complete trust in all your choices, with a framework that allows you to give your body and mind what they really need for optimal health and wellbeing.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, if you are unable to attend live, you will have access to the session to watch at a time that suits you. There will be plenty of interaction though, so you are likely to get a lot more out of the session if you are able to attend it live. Even if you do attend live, you will be able to replay the session should you find that helpful.

Will there be handouts?

You will have access to the slides via the recording to refer to afterwards. There will be worksheets sent to you to download and fill in, that accompany each session.

Do you expect me to interact and talk to the others?

There is no expectation for you to do anything you are not comfortable with. Rest assured though it will be a supportive, nurturing environment which you can engage with as little or as much as you want. My camera will be on and I will have brushed my hair. Do not feel you have to do the same though.

What time commitment is involved?

The magic tends to happen away from the computer – the more you are able to put into completing the homework and reflections, the more you will be able to learn and move forward. As it involves exploring your daily interactions with food, your head and your life, there is no set time it will take. All the stuff we explore fits into real life – we are ‘eating it real’ so the diary doesn’t have to be empty for you to get a lot out of this programme. Perhaps don’t sign up if you’re moving house or going through another major life event because some head space will be required!

What equipment will I need?

Ideally you need to be able to access the sessions on a laptop or computer as I will be sharing my screen etc so it will be easier to see on a larger screen. You’ll need a pen and a notebook, good internet connection, probably a cup of tea and no interruptions.

Are there any health conditions that prevent me from attending the course?

No, not at all. Often it is an impact on our health that spurs us on to address our food relationship. The traditional diet framework in which you restrict your calories and increase your exercise is over simplified and fundamentally doesn’t work for 95% of people who try it. Separating weight and health enable us to truly look at health in a way that feels empowering.

I am also receiving other therapy, is it still ok to attend the course?

If you are receiving any form of therapy with a counsellor or psychologist for example, then I’m happy to have a chat to help you decide if you want to do this alongside. If you have enough head space, then you should find the work we do compliments the deeper therapy work you’re doing.

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