7 guiding principles for optimal postnatal wellbeing

Get to the heart of what really matters with a one stop shop.

Have you had a baby in the last 18 months? If so, this event is for you.

Cut through the information overload. Let Chartered Physiotherapist, Claire Callaghan and Registered Dietitian, Laura Clark relieve you of the overwhelm.

What do you need to know? What really counts?

There is no body like your body – so far you’ve had unique pregnancies, deliveries and experiences as a mum. Do you understand your body now? What it needs, how to get back to exercise or start being physically active again? How to nourish your body with a good sense of mental wellbeing?

Join this free masterclass to learn 7 guiding principles of moving confidently and progressing to exercise, whilst nourishing yourself and coping with more mouths to feed. Claire and Laura are passionate about bringing the science to you in an easy to digest format, that enables you to get back in touch with your body to optimise your physical, nutritional and emotional health.

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Hang-Ups, Hangovers and Hormones

Join me for this free masterclass to explore the real world of dieting, health and weight loss. We assume we have such a rationale relationship with food and that to stick to a diet and be successful, we need a large dose of will power and luck.

We hear a lot of chat and weight and health, but I want to talk about real life – the stuff that actually happens when we consider us and food. Dieting can leave our heads full of should’s, with constant thoughts of food on a loop. We’re told so many mixed messages and ‘hang-ups’ are common.

We try to be ‘good’ as much as possible – but we all have vices and coping strategies. Are we supposed to give ourselves a hard time for the ‘hangovers’ and the eating habits that follow the day after, that have ‘broken’ all our efforts and made us feel guilty?

And what actually happens in the body, how does it all work, especially when we’re dieting and making over 200 food related decisions a day? You often hear the word ‘hormones’ banded around, but what are they and what do they actually do? Our body is more sophisticated than you’d think and our brain a complex piece of software. Do you want to understand it better so you can use that to your advantage?

Let’s lift the lid, have some fun and empower you to take charge with some better insight and understanding.

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Courses coming in 2020, please check back soon.