Spinach pancakes

I have adapted these from the Sainsbury’s website in my quest to get more fibre in!



  • 2 cups  of flour (1 plain, 1 wholemeal flour) or 175g and do a mixture of flours for added health benefits
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • Carton of buttermilk (300mls)
  • 1 medium egg
  • 25g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 100g spinach whizzed up or use frozen with excess water squeezed out
  • Olive oil for frying

I’ve also experimented with other veg too alongside the spinach – grated carrot and courgette seemed to work well and I use a mini food processor to cut down on preparation time.


  • Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and bicarb of soda in a bowl.
  • In another bowl or jug mix buttermilk, egg and melted butter.
  • Prepare spinach
  • Mix it all well together – add a dash of water if mixture is too thick.
  • Heat oil in large frying pan. Place dollops of mixture about 7.5cm in diameter and cook for about 2 mins on each side until golden.


Making a meal of it

These go well with some added protein like cubes of cheese such as cheddar or mozzarella, slices of meat such as ham or chicken or baked beans (choose reduced salt, reduced sugar). Alternatively you could spread cream cheese onto the pancake itself.

You could also try making a large pancakes and rolling it like a wrap with filling inside. I’ve haven’t managed to flip this size successfully yet though!

You could also add some carrot sticks or tomatoes or a corn on the cob.



Cheese and Spinach Muffins

This is an adapted recipe from numerous tried over the years. In my opinion it balances the faff factor with a positive outcome i.e. the bit of effort I put in is worth it because they do get eaten.



  • 125g grated cheese (I use cheddar)
  • 225g wholemeal self- raising flour (I’ve built up to this – for a lighter perhaps more acceptable muffin to the taster use white self- raising or half and half.
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 175mls semi-skimmed milk
  • 50mls olive oil
  • 1 egg
  • 60-75g spinach (3 blocks if frozen) – defrost and squeeze out excess water.
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 small courgette

If you were feeling really brave you could throw in a handful of oats too.



  • Mix the dry ingredients
  • Mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl or jug.
  • Combine together adding the wet ingredients bit by bit and stir well.
  • Bake 20-25 mins at 180 degrees.

Remember any veg are worth trying – I tried a cup of butternut squash which had been roasted. That got picked out so I haven’t done it since. I’ve also been known to try whizzed up kale – not because its a so called ‘Superfood’ but because texture wise its very similar to lots of other veg when its whizzed. I got away with it…