Nutrition for Children

Stress-free Family Mealtimes/ Fussy Eating Workshops

Does feeding the family feel over whelming? Are you concerned about their diets or what you should be giving them? Are so many mixed messages around nutrition creating confusion?

Do you have a fussy eater? Family mealtimes can be fun, sociable affairs and a way to reconnect after a busy day or week. Instead are you finding they’re a stressful and upsetting time?

Laura runs Stress-Free Family Mealtimes Workshops with cooking and meal planning expert Sarah Alder from Kitchen Titbits. Together they help to solve your food challenges and support your family to thrive.

Sessions cover:

  • Why mealtimes can be a battle ground, with winning tactics to make them a happier, more nutritious occasion.
  • Weekly menus and the how to guide to meal planning to make your food and your money go further.
  • Nutrition lowdown – what do our children really need with tips and tricks to make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable for all.
  • Focus on meat-free meals. More families are looking to incorporate more plant-based eating into their life; what do you need to consider to get it right?
  • Plenty of time for questions and sharing thoughts over a delicious family-style lunch.

The next session is running on Friday 7th Feb 2020, 11-1pm in Combe Down, Bath. To book head to Kitchen Titbits events

Suitable for parents of children aged one onwards.

Contact Laura to find out more.

What others had to say…

Today was SO informative, fun and helpful. I definitely came away with a renewed hope for family meal times and plenty of practical tips and tools to make dinner times calmer and maybe even enjoyable. I can report that after we ate together this evening applying the things I’d learnt, my middle child said ‘this is my best dinner ever’ which made me really happy. I can’t recommend this course enough, Laura and Sarah are so knowledgeable.

Jen, Mum of 3

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