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Time for Solids – Weaning Workshop

Laura runs Weaning Workshops joint with experienced Paediatric Dietitian, Jessica Murray-Wicks. In these interactive group workshops you’ll learn everything on the what, when and how of weaning including:

  • Step by step guide on how to move from milk to a healthy mealtime routine.
  • How to become nutrition savvy in everything from food labelling to portion sizes.
  • How to raise little ones who love food.
  • Free ongoing support

We aim to lead you into the world of weaning prepared, in the know and stress free! Each workshop comes with a pack of information to take away and is only £35.

If you and some friends would like to arrange a workshop delivered in child friendly locations in Southfields or Earlsfield or in the comfort of your own home, contact Laura.

Laura also runs weaning workshops as part of the postnatal courses designed and run by Nurturing Mums.

Nutrition Talks For Schools

Making nutrition accessible and relevant is key. Previous workshops have focused on nutrition for studying, socialising, being active and sleeping well! Teenagers seem to relate to these subjects!

Talks include interactive elements to bring nutrition to life in a fun and memorable way! What are you looking for?

Contact Laura and let’s discuss.

Trolley2Tummy Meal Plans


Coming soon…

Need help feeding the family? Your complete guide including what to buy, tailored meal plans, time saving tips, strategies for fussy eaters and more!

Bespoke Workshops

Nutrition workshops are a great way to learn more in an interactive, stimulating and fun environment. Is there a particular area of nutrition you would like advice, education and support with? Do your friends, family or colleagues share this same mind set?  Why not take advantage of a bespoke nutrition workshop and contact Laura to discuss your requirements.

What others had to say…

The hand-outs are excellent. I feel prepared, informed and empowered to go into this world of weaning without fear now!
Catherine and Poppy, aged 4 months
The timeline was great and the comprehensive pack is really helpful to take away so thank you.
SW18 Mum
The packs are brilliant. The info on portion sizes with visual aids, top foods etc. are really good.
SW19 Mum
A good variety of info with practical examples you can use everyday. Thank you!
Southfields Mum
Wonderful course! Thank you both so much. Was really impressed.. So many books and places of reference but yesterday and the handout couldn’t have been more practically helpful and informative!
Annabel and baby Oscar