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Bespoke consultations with Laura allow nutrition expertise to be tailored to your personal circumstances. Working holistically, Laura will take into consideration your symptoms and medical history, lifestyle and routines together with food habits and choices and all that influences them. With her guidance you will decide on what to change and how to make it happen.

An initial consultation is £120 for an hour and comprises:

  • Thorough assessment and scientifically sound nutritional advice tailored to suit you.
  • Formulation of a realistic action plan for change which you can achieve.

Many areas of expertise are listed below with more information. Although a one off consultation might be all you feel you need, in most cases clients find further sessions invaluable. If so, you can then take advantage of a cost effective package of sessions (see below).

How can nutrition expertise help you?

Services Available


Laura runs clinics at:


SW19 Physio
129 Alexandra Road, Wimbledon,
London, SW19 7JY

Clinics at SW19 Physio run on Tuesday day time and evenings and some Wednesday mornings.

Appointments are also available at other times. Please Contact Laura who can discuss your individual requirements with you.

Laura runs clinics at:

Logo PROPhysio

11 Smith’s Yard, Summerley Street
Earlsfield, SW18 4HR

Clinics at ProPhysiotherapy run on Tuesday daytimes.

Appointments are also available at other times. Please Contact Laura who can discuss your individual requirements with you.

Online Consultations and Coaching

Geography or busy schedules need not get in the way!

When seeking support with diet and nutrition, convenience really matters. Laura also delivers video or telephone consultations remotely taking the same format as face to face meets.

Ideal for those who work from home or have little people to look after!

In an exciting development for 2018, Laura now offers coaching via an App designed specifically for use with dietitians. It is positioned to offer an additional layer of support alongside face to face or online consultations. Research supports that frequent contact or nudges are really effective in supporting a sustainable change to our habits. Think of it as a helping hand beyond the consultation room.


Starter Package

A starter package is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve nutrition or lifestyle improvements. When changing habits, support and advice over time is most effective.

Choose from all face to face appointments, all via video/ phone consultations or a combination of the two.

Between appointment support via the coaching App is also available to you and costs vary accordingly.

Sessions will cover:

  • A total of 3 hours of one on one time with Laura
  • Scientifically based nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to help you reach your goals
  • Meal ideas and plans to fit in with your lifestyle
  • A problem solving approach to help you overcome any difficulties
  • Support, advice and motivational techniques to keep you on track

  • Remote coaching and ‘nudges’ via the App


Nutrition and Fitness Packages

Why not compliment your nutrition plan with some personal training expertise. Discounts are available with personal training services available at ProPhysiotherapy.


Laura offers an initial free 10 minute phone consultation. All fees are in line with the British Dietetic Association Recommendations. Please Contact Laura for more information.

Contacting your GP

In some cases, it might be necessary to contact your GP prior to your consultation for more information. However, your permission will always be granted before contacting anyone else with regards your treatment.

For example if you have a newly diagnosed condition, a complex medical history, or details of blood test results or medication are required, prior to giving advice.

Insurance Cover

Laura is registered with major insurers. Please check with your insurance company as to what your policy covers you for.

Cancellation Policy

To enable Laura to run an efficient service with short waiting times, 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel an appointment. It is appreciated that in some circumstances, short notice may occasionally be unavoidable, and discretion will be exercised in such cases.